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Our experienced team delivers food-safe produce throughout North America by managing comprehensive sourcing programs as well as providing transportation strategies. 

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our hands-on approach and in-depth understanding of our growers’ operations augment our performance in delivering the highest quality produce.

food safety

Food Safety

We strive to mitigate risk by having thorough knowledge of our grower’s operations in conjunction with effectuating food safety programs which meet our customer’s requirements.


Extensive Coverage

Grower relations and sourcing spanning over 30 years throughout North America.
Comprehensive regional knowledge of specific crops and production.



We invest and partner with various farming and production operations to help insure year-round supplies for our customers.

Core Commodities


We understand your time is limited.

Our team is committed to excellent service and communication with our customers as well as our partners, growers and our carrier base.
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